GPS Ping Norwegian hunting magazine ads

Project Overview 📃


The Norwegian project, formerly focused on selling GPS sensors for cargo and vehicles tracking, has taken a strategic initiative to broaden its market coverage. They have introduced a range of new products designed specifically for pet tracking and have embarked on an offline marketing campaign. This campaign includes advertising in magazines targeting hunters and participating in local exhibitions to showcase their offerings.


  • Enhance the iOS application interface
  • Create packaging for a new product
  • Create printed materials like posters, brochures, and magazine ads.
  • Develop a concept for an exclusive new product


Interface Enhancement: To meet the expanded requirements, I enhanced the user interface and user experience of the existing app, incorporating new advanced features introduced in the new products.

Packaging: I created informative packaging for the new product, ensuring it conveyed the product’s purpose and features.

Printed Materials: By designing engaging posters, informative brochures, and magazine ads, I developed offline marketing materials that effectively communicated the product’s value proposition to the target audience.

Project Type

Design for offline marketing

Project Scope

  • Packaging
  • Printed promotional materials
  • Product concepts


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign


Small (1-5 members)


🇳🇴 Norway

GPS Ping App Interface Samples

Interface Enhancement📱

As the project already had an iOS app for cargo tracking, the main task was to redesign it to accommodate the purpose of instant tracking for hunting dogs. The colors were changed to align with the app’s “Outdoor” and “Hunting” focus.

Additionally, new functionalities were implemented for tracker management, including the ability to start and stop trackers remotely, track speed, and measure distance. Furthermore, support for accepting incoming calls on some trackers was also included in the app.

Packaging of a New Product 📦

GPS Ping’s marketing strategy involved launching a new product called the “Marcel Tracker,” which is a rubber collar with a built-in waterproof tracker designed for medium-sized and large dogs. The tracker was released in white, red and black colors.

The packaging consisted of a sturdy glossy white cardboard box. The top of the box showcased a stylized illustration of an English Setter, a renowned hunting breed. The sides of the box provided useful information highlighting the core features of the tracker.  The top cover of the box featured a transparent window, allowing for a clear view of the tracker inside.

GPS Ping Marcel dog tracker packaging

Offline Advertising: Magazines 📰

Based on comprehensive market analysis, it has been revealed that the target audience in Norway actively subscribes to and avidly reads specialized hunting magazines. Recognizing this valuable opportunity, GPS Ping has invested in their marketing efforts by placing impactful full-page advertisements in local periodicals.

These advertisements provide potential clients with a concise yet comprehensive overview of the advertised product. Each ad delivers essential information about product, technical specifications and pricing. By utilizing this approach, GPS Ping aimed to capture the attention of their target audience and create awareness about the features and benefits of their new product.

Offline Advertising: Excibitions 🗺

In order to directly engage with customers, GPS Ping decided to participate in exhibitions and fairs held across Norway multiple times a year.

To create an impactful presentation and showcase the brand’s products, eye-catching roll-ups and a wall-banner were designed. These roll-ups effectively captured the attention of attendees by featuring the latest product for tracking hunting dogs, as well as previously released trackers designed to track children and elderly individuals.

Through these engaging displays, GPS Ping aimed to demonstrate the versatility and reliability of their tracking solutions for various purposes.